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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
AFC Brand Video Download
PD4601-23 Mini Silicone Plug Download
PD4602-23 Small Silicone Plug Download
PD4603-23 Medium Silicone Plug Download
PD4604-23 Large Silicone Plug Download
PD4605-23 XL Silicone Plug Download
PD4606-23 Mega Silicone Plug Download
PD4607-23 P-Spot Plug Download
PD4608-23 Vibrating Perfect Plug Download
PD4609-23 Ass-Kicker with Cockring Download
PD4610-23 Mini Anal Teazer Download
PD4611-23 Beginner's Anal Anchor Download
PD4612-23 Rectal Rocket Download
PD4613-23 Elite Vibrating Plug Download
PD4614-23 Vibrating Anal Anchor Download
PD4614-23 Vibrating Anal Anchor Download
PD4615-23 Vibrating Thruster Download
PD4616-23 Remote Control Silicone Plug Download
PD4617-23 Classix Prostate Stimulator Download
PD4618-23 Beginner's Prostate Stimulator Download
PD4619-23 Vibrating Prostate Stimulator Download
PD4620-23 One-Finger Fantasy Plug Download
PD4621-23 Deluxe Perfect Plug Download
PD4622-23 Perfect Plug Download
PD4623-23 Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug Download
PD4624-23 Two-Finger Fantasy Plug Download
PD4625-23 Prostate Pleazer Download
PD4627-23 P-Spot Massager Download
PD4628-23 P-Spot Tickler Vibe Download
PD4629-23 Vibrating Butt Buddy Download
PD4630-23 Pull Plug Vibe Download
PD4631-23 Ribbed P-Spot Vibe Download
PD4632-23 Wild Wiggler Vibe Download
PD4633-23 Vibrating Reach Around Download
PD4634-23 Vibrating Prostate Massager Download
PD4635-23 9-Function Prostate Vibe Download
PD4636-23 Vibrating P-Spot Ribbed Download
PD4637-23 Perfect Grip Prostate Massager Download
PD4638-23 Vibrating P-Spot Spiral Download
PD4639-23 5-Function Prostate Vibe Download
PD4640-23 Elite Vibro Balls Download
PD4641-23 Vibro Balls Download
PD4642-23 Deluxe Vibro Balls Download
PD4643-23 Beginner's Bead Kit Download
PD4644-23 Beaded Luv Probe Download
PD4645-23 Anal Fantasy Collection Download
PD4646-23 Fun Flex Anal Wand Download
PD4647-23 Fun Flex Anal Teazer Download
PD4648-23 Captain's Hook Download
PD4649-23 First-Time Fun Beads Download
PD4650-23 Elite Lover's Beads Download
PD4651-23 Boyfriend Beads Download
PD4652-23 Vibrating Curve Download
PD4653-23 Elite Power Beads Download
PD4654-23 Flexa-Pleaser Power Beads Download
PD4655-23 Power Beads Download
PD4656-23 Rectal Reacher Vibe Download
PD4657-23 Beginner's Power Beads Download
PD4658-23 Tushy Trainerz Download
PD4659-23 Tushy Teazerz Download
PD4662-23 Double Trouble Download
PD4664-23 EZ-Clean Enema Download
PD4665-23 Anal Adventure Kit Download
PD4666-23 Vibrating Ass Blaster Download
PD4667-23 Inflatable Silicone Ass Expander Download
PD4668-23 Inflatable Silicone Plug Download
PD4669-23 Auto Butt Blaster Download
PD4670-00 Beginner's Fantasy Kit Download
PD4671-00 Deluxe Fantasy Kit Download
PD4678-23 Vibrating Smoothy Download
PD4679-23 Ass-Teazer Download
PD4680-23 Silicone Starter Plug Download
PD4681-23 EZ-Lube Shooter Download
PD4682-23 Open Wide Tunnel Plug Download
PD4683-23 Open Wide Tunnel Plug XL Download
PD4684-23 Ass-Gasm Cockring Vibrating Plug Download
PD4685-23 Ribbed Prostate Vibe Download
PD4686-23 Ass-Sweeper Download
PD4687-23 EZ-Grip Beads Download
PD4688-23 P-Motion Massager Download
PD4690-23 Anal Party Pack Download
PD4691-23 Insta-Gaper Download
PD4692-23 Mega Insta-Gaper Download
PD4693-23 Ass-Gasm Cockring Beginners Plug Download
PD4694-23 Ass-Gasm Cockring Advanced Plug Download
PD4695-23 Ass-Gasm Trainer Trio Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
AFCE Brand Video Download
PD4770-23 Ultimate P-Spot Milker Download
PD4771-23 Remote Control P-Spot Pro Download
PD4772-23 P-Motion Massager Download
PD4773-23 Small Rechargeable Anal Plug Download
PD4774-23 Large Rechargeable Anal Plug Download
PD4775-23 Rechargeable Anal Beads Download
PD4776-23 Rechargeable Ass-Gasm Pro Download
PD4777-23 Vibrating Ass Thruster Download
PD4778-23 Inflatable Silicone Butt Plug Download
PD4779-23 Inflatable P-Spot Massager Download
PD4780-23 Small Weighted Silicone Plug Download
PD4781-23 Large Weighted Silicone Plug Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
CX Brand Video Download
PD4901-00 No. 1 Download
PD4902-00 No. 2 Download
PD4903-00 No. 3 Download
PD4904-00 No. 4 Download
PD4905-00 No. 5 Download
PD4906-00 No. 6 Download
PD4907-00 No. 7 Download
PD4908-00 No. 8 Download
PD4909-00 No. 9 Download
PD4910-00 No. 10 Download
PD4911-00 No. 11 Download
PD4912-00 No. 12 Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
COM Brand Video Download
SR1040 Bondage Door Cuffs Download
SR1041 Body Binder Kit Download
SR1042 Cuff & Collar Set Download
SR1043 Harness with Hollow Strap-On Download
SR1044 Bicep Binder Download
SR1045 Under-Mattress Bondage Straps Download
SR1046 Heavy-Duty Cuffs Download
SR1047 Deluxe Cuff Set Download
SR1048 Suspension Cuff Set Download
SR1049 Hogtie & Collar Set Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
CON Brand Video Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
DIL Brand Video Download
PD5381-11 Vibrating Inflatable Hot Seat Download
PD5382-11 Vibrating Mini Sex Ball Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
SR2001 ELEMENT MS Download
SR2002 ELEMENT CR Download
SR2003 ELEMENT PM Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
FFH Brand Video Download
PD4920-12 Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers Download
PD4921-12 Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers Download
PD4922-12 Vibrating Petite Arouse-Her Download
PD4923-12 Body Massage-Her Download
PD4924-12 Tease n' Please-Her Download
PD4925-12 Vibrating Roto Suck-Her Download
PD4926-12 Love Thrust-Her Download
PD4928-12 Butterfly Flutt-Her Download
PD4929-12 G-Spot Stimulate-Her Download
PD4930-12 Kegel Train-Her Set Download
PD4931-12 Kegel Excite-Her Download
PD4932-12 Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her Download
PD4933-12 Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her Download
PD4934-12 Sensual Pump-Her Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
FCR Brand Video Download
PD5860-12 Vibrating Super Ring Download
PD5861-12 Infinity Super Ring Download
PD5862-12 Ball-Banger Super Ring Download
PD5863-12 Duo-Vibrating Super Ring Download
PD5864-12 Vibrating Cock Sleeve Download
PD5865-12 Peak Performance Ring Download
PD5866-12 Vibrating Silicone Super Ring Download
PD5867-12 Silicone Designer Stamina Set Download
PD5960-23 Vibrating Super Ring Download
PD5961-23 Infinity Super Ring Download
PD5962-23 Ball-Banger Super Ring Download
PD5963-23 Duo-Vibrating Super Ring Download
PD5964-23 Vibrating Super Sleeve Download
PD5965-23 Peak Performance Ring Download
PD5966-23 Vibrating Silicone Super Ring Download
PD5967-23 Silicone Designer Stamina Set Download
PD5800-12 Party Pack Download
PD5801-12 Infinity Ring Download
PD5802-12 Twin Teazer Rabbit Ring Download
PD5803-12 Ass-Gasm Vibrating Rabbit Download
PD5804-12 Sensual Touch Love Ring Download
PD5805-12 Max Width Silicone Rings Download
PD5806-12 Magic Touch Couples Ring Download
PD5808-12 Squeeze Play Couples Ring Download
PD5809-12 Silicone Duo-Ring Download
PD5810-12 Vibrating Climax Cage Download
PD5811-12 Vibrating Climax Cage Download
PD5812-12 Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set Download
PD5814-12 3-Ring Quick Release Trainer Download
PD5815-12 Silicone Double Delight Download
PD5816-12 Ultimate Couples Cage Download
PD5817-12 Remote Control Rabbit Ring Download
PD5818-12 Vibrating Prolong Performance Ring Download
PD5819-12 Silicone Double Penetrator Rabbit Download
PD5821-12 Ultimate Rabbit Ring Download
PD5822-12 Lovely Licks Couples Ring Download
PD5823-12 His And Hers Ultimate Rabbit Download
PD5824-12 Ride N' Glide Couples Ring Download
PD5825-12 Wonderful Wabbit Download
PD5826-12 Venus Silicone Love Ring Download
PD5827-12 Vibrating Silicone Taint-Alizer Download
PD5900-23 Party Pack Download
PD5901-23 Silicone Ball Stretcher Download
PD5902-23 Mr. Big Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher Download
PD5903-23 Rock Hard Ring Download
PD5904-23 Rock Hard Ring & Ball-Stretcher Download
PD5905-23 Max-Width Silicone Rings Download
PD5906-23 Magic Touch Couples Ring Download
PD5907-23 Rock Hard Ball Banger Download
PD5908-23 Rock Hard Vibrating Ring Download
PD5909-23 Rock Hard Ass-Gasm Download
PD5911-23 Turbo Teazer Download
PD5912-23 Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set Download
PD5914-23 Thick Dick Silicone Vibrating Cage Download
PD5915-23 Buzz Bomb Download
PD5916-23 Silicone Taint-Alizer Download
PD5917-23 Ironman Triple Ring Download
PD5918-23 Ironman Duo-Ring Download
PD5919-23 Ironman Ass-Gasm Download
PD5920-23 Vibrating Cock Pipe With Ball-Stretcher Download
PD5921-23 Rock Hard Cock Pipe Download
PD5922-23 Cock Pipe With Ball-Stretcher Download
PD5923-23 Remote Control Performance Pro Download
PD5924-23 The Wingman Download
PD5925-23 Extreme Double Trouble Download
PD5926-23 Remote Control Double Penetrator Download
PD5927-23 Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker Download
PD5928-23 Hardcore Silicone Cock Blocker Download
PD5929-23 Blackjack Power Ring Download
PD5930-23 Posable Partner Double Penetrator Download
PD5931-23 Original Ball Banger Download
PD5932-23 Ultimate Ass-Gasm Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
FX Brand Video Download
PD4110-21 Perfect 1" Extension Download
PD4111-21 Perfect 2" Extension Download
PD4112-21 Perfect 3" Extension Download
PD4113-21 Mega 1" Extension Download
PD4114-21 Mega 2" Extension Download
PD4114-29 Mega 2" Extension Download
PD4115-21 Mega 3" Extension Download
PD4115-23 Mega 3" Extension Download
PD4116-21 Perfect 1" Extension with Ball Strap Download
PD4117-21 Perfect 2" Extension with Ball Strap Download
PD4117-29 Perfect 2" Extension with Ball Strap Download
PD4118-21 Vibrating Real Feel 1" Extension Download
PD4119-21 Vibrating Real Feel 2" Extension Download
PD4119-23 Vibrating Real Feel 2" Extension Download
PD4120-21 Real Feel Enhancer XL Download
PD4121-21 Real Feel Twin Teazer Download
PD4122-21 Duo Clit Climax-Her Download
PD4123-20 Girth Gainer System Download
PD4123-21 Girth Gainer System Download
PD4123-23 Girth Gainer System Download
PD4126-21 Ass-Fucker Extension Download
PD4127-21 8" Silicone Hollow Extension Download
PD4128-21 9" Silicone Hollow Extension Download
PD4129-21 10" Silicone Hollow Extension Download
PD4129-23 10" Silicone Hollow Extension Download
PD4130-20 Vibrating Cock Sling Download
PD4131-23 Vibrating Cock Rocket Download
PD4132-20 Vibrating Cock Cage Download
PD4133-20 Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer Download
PD4134-20 Vibrating Super Sleeve Download
PD4135-23 Magic Pleasure Sleeve Download
PD4136-23 Vibrating Power Cage Download
PD4137-23 Silicone Performance Extension Download
PD4138-23 Silicone Gladiator Extension Download
PD4139-23 Silicone Warrior Cock Cage Download
PD4140-23 Extreme Enhancer with Anal Plug Download
PD4141-23 Beginner's Silicone Power Cage Download
PD4142-23 Deluxe Silicone Power Cage Download
PD4144-20 Vibrating Climax Cage Download
PD4145-21 Real Feel Enhancer Download
PD4146-11 Vibrating Couples Cage Download
PD4147-21 Double Trouble Extension Download
PD4147-23 Double Trouble Extension Download
PD4148-21 Double Trouble Girth Gainer Download
PD4149-00 Ultimate Enhancement Kit Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PD3633-23 Extreme Ball Gag Download
PD3784-23 Punisher Paddle Download
PD3785-23 Steel Slapper Download
PD3786-23 Insane Cane Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
FFLE Brand Video Download
PD2024-23 Tease-N-Please Kit Download
PD2025-12 Purple Passion Kit Download
PD2026-23 Shut Me Up Kit Download
PD2027-23 Silky Seduction Kit Download
PD2028-15 Lover's Bondage Kit Download
PD2029-23 Bondage Teaser Kit Download
PD4401-00 Riding Crop Download
PD4402-00 Cat-O-Nine Tails Download
PD4403-23 Rubber Paddle Download
PD4404-23 Feather Crop Download
PD4405-23 Satin Love Mask Download
PD4406-23 Leather Love Mask Download
PD4407-23 Furry Cuffs Download
PD4408-23 Metal Handcuffs Download
PD4409-23 Bondage Tape Download
PD4410-23 Love Plumes Download
PD4411-23 Mini Mite Vibe with Attachments Download
PD4412-23 Beginner's Ball Gag Download
PD4413-23 Breathable Ball Gag Download
PD4414-23 Bondage Rope Download
PD4415-23 Sub & Dom Kit Download
PD4416-23 Feather Nipple Clamps Download
PD4417-00 Magnetic Nipple Clamps Download
PD4418-25 Grey Silk Ties Download
PD4419-23 O-Ring Gag & Nipple Clamps Download
PD4420-23 First Time Fantasy Kit Download
PD4423-23 Spandex Hood Download
PD4424-00 Spreader Bar Download
PD4426-23 Beginner's Butt Plug Download
PD4427-23 Butt Plug Download
PD4428-23 The Pegger Download
PD4430-00 Wartenberg Wheel Download
PD4431-00 Shock Therapy Download
PD4432-00 Ultimate Bondage Kit Download
PD4434-23 Medium Black Glass Ben-Wa Balls Download
PD4436-23 Mini Luv Plug Download
PD4440-23 Spank Me Paddle Download
PD4441-23 Love Paddle Download
PD4443-23 Cumfy Cuffs Download
PD4444-23 Bowtie Cuffs Download
PD4445-23 Cumfy Hogtie Download
PD4446-23 Spider Gag Download
PD4447-23 Masquerade Mask & Ball Gag Download
PD4448-23 O-Ring Gag Download
PD4449-23 Nipple Erector Set Download
PD4450-23 Remote Control Butterfly Strap-On Download
PD4451-23 Luv Plug Download
PD4452-23 Nipple & Clit Jewelry Download
PD4454-23 Wraparound Mattress Restraints Download
PD4455-23 Fantasy Strap Download
PD4456-23 Pom Pom Nipple Clamps Download
PD4457-23 Luv Cuffs Download
PD4458-23 Fancy Feather Clamps Download
PD4459-23 Ribbed Double Trouble Download
PD4460-23 Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PD2103-23 Suck N’ Stroke Head Pump Download
PD2107-00 Lover's Fantasy Kit Download
PD2114-23 Vibrating Head Teazer Download
PD2115-23 Vibrating Silicone Head-Master Download
PD2124-00 Silk Rope Bondage Set Download
PD2128-23 Fantasy Swing Download
PD2161-15 Beginner's Ball Gag Download
PD2172-00 Breathable Ball Gag Download
PD2188-00 Plus Size Strap-On Download
PD2199-00 Universal Wrist & Ankle Cuffs Download
PD3230-23 Vibrating Nipple Pleasure Cups Download
PD3235-12 10-Function Vibrating Nipple Clamps Download
PD3366-12 For Him or Her Hollow Strap-On Download
PD3367-21 For Him or Her Vibrating Hollow Strap-On Download
PD3376-12, PD3376-21 7″ Vibrating Hollow Strap-On with Balls Download
PD3386-00 Double Delight Strap-on Download
PD3450-00 Plus Size Remote Control Fantasy Panty Download
PD3804-11 thru PD3804-42 Original Furry Cuffs Download
PD3841-00 Ball Gag Training System Download
PD3842-00 Pink Passion Bondage Kit Download
PD3845-23 O-Ring Gag Nipple Clamps Download
PD3856-23 Fishnet Hood Download
PD3865-12 thru PD3865-23 Deluxe Silk Rope Download
PD3903-11 thru PD3903-23 Satin Love Mask Download
PD3926-00 Beginner's 6pc. Cupping Set Download
PD3957-23 Inflatable Vibrating 6" Strap-On Download
PD3959-23 Inflatable Vibrating Double Delight Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
FFST Brand Video Download
PD3723-00 Shock Therapy Kit Download
PD3723-01 Replacement Pads Download
PD3723-02 Nipple Clamps Download
PD3723-03 Cock Cage Download
PD3723-04 Pleasure Probe Download
PD3723-05 Deluxe Travel Kit Download
PD3723-06 Electro-Sex Gel Download
PD3723-07 Butterfly Stimulator Download
PD3723-08 Couples Electro Touch Cuffs Download
PD3723-09 Luv Paddle Download
PD3724-00 Kinky Couples Travel Kit Download
PD3724-04 Sack Strap Download
PD3724-05 Fantasy Wand Download
PD3724-06 Silver Bullet Download
PD3724-07 Finger Fun Download
PD3724-08 Cock Sock Download
PD3724-09 Bondage Panty & Cuffs Download
PD3724-10 Silicone Parachute Download
PD3725-00 Violet Wand Electro-Sex Starter Kit Download
PD3725-00 Electro Loops Download
PD3725-02 Shock Jock Download
PD3725-03 Extreme Butt Plug Download
PD3725-05 Professional Wireless Electro-Massage Kit Download
PD3725-06 Silicone Cock Straps Download
PD3725-07 Electro Pinwheel Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
ICI Brand Video Download
PD2901-00 Icicles No. 1 Download
PD2902-00 Icicles No. 2 Download
PD2904-00 Icicles No. 4 Download
PD2905-00 Icicles No. 5 Download
PD2906-00 Icicles No. 6 Download
PD2907-00 Icicles No. 7 Download
PD2908-00 Icicles No. 8 Download
PD2909-00 Icicles No. 9 Download
PD2911-00 Icicles No. 11 Download
PD2913-00 Icicles No. 13 Download
PD2914-00 Icicles No. 14 Download
PD2915-00 Icicles No. 15 Download
PD2916-00 Icicles No. 16 Download
PD2918-00 Icicles No. 18 Download
PD2919-00 Icicles No. 19 Download
PD2920-00 Icicles No. 20 Download
PD2921-00 Icicles No. 21 Download
PD2924-00 Icicles No. 24 Download
PD2928-00 Icicles No. 28 Download
PD2930-00 Icicles No. 30 Download
PD2931-00 Icicles No. 31 Download
PD2937-00 Icicles No. 37 Download
PD2942-00 Icicles No. 42 Download
PD2943-00 Icicles No. 43 Download
PD2944-20 Icicles No. 44 Download
PD2944-23 Icicles No. 44 Download
PD2945-20 Icicles No. 45 Download
PD2946-20 Icicles No. 46 Download
PD2946-23 Icicles No. 46 Download
PD2947-00 Icicles No. 47 Download
PD2948-00 Icicles No. 48 Download
PD2949-00 Icicles No. 49 Download
PD2950-00 Icicles No. 50 Download
PD2951-00 Icicles No. 51 Download
PD2952-00 Icicles No. 52 Download
PD2953-00 Icicles No. 53 Download
PD2954-00 Icicles No. 54 Download
PD2955-00 Icicles No. 55 Download
PD2957-00 Icicles No. 57 Download
PD2959-00 Icicles No. 59 Download
PD2960-00 Icicles No. 60 Download
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PD2962-00 Icicles No. 62 Download
PD2963-00 Icicles No. 63 Download
PD2965-00 Icicles No. 65 Download
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PD2966-23 Icicles No. 66 Download
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PD2874-00 Icicles No. 74 Download
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PD2878-00 Icicles No. 78 Download
PD2879-00 Icicles No. 79 Download
PD2880-00 Icicles No. 80 Download
PD2881-00 Icicles No. 81 Download
PD2882-00 Icicles No. 82 Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
IGE Brand Video Download
PD2980-27 G01 Download
PD2981-27 G02 Download
PD2982-27 G03 Download
PD2983-27 G04 Download
PD2984-27 G05 Download
PD2985-27 G06 Download
PD2986-27 G07 Download
PD2987-27 G08 Download
PD2988-27 G09 Download
PD2989-27 G10 Download
PD2990-27 G11 Download
PD2991-27 G12 Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
iS Brand Video Download
PD1051-19 USB Slim Bullet Download
PD1052-19 USB Bullet Download
PD1053-19 USB G-Spot Massager Download
PD1054-19 USB Nipple Clamp Download
PD1055-19 USB Kegel Balls Download
PD1056-19 USB Luv Ring Download
PD1057-19 USB Super Stroker Download
PD1058-19 USB Anal-T Download
PD1059-19 USB Massage Kit Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
JJ10600 Intimate Care Menstrual Cups Download
JJ12195, JJ12196,JJ12500 FORM 2 Download
JJ10401, JJ10402 Pure UV Sanitizing Mood Light Download
JJ10300 G-Rabbit Download
JJ10301 Ruby Rabbit Download
JJ10302 Glo Rabbit Download
JJ10100 evoke du-o Download
JJ10101 evoke sol-o Download
JJ10102 evoke rol-o Download
JJ10200 Love Pods Om Download
JJ10201 Love Pods Coral Download
JJ10202 Love Pods Halo Download
JJ10010 Rumble Seat Download
JJ12481 Ascend 1 Download
JJ12482 Ascend 2 Download
JJ12483 Ascend 4 Download
JJ12484 Ascend 7 Download
JJ12439, JJ12440, JJ12441 Intro 1 Download
JJ12442, JJ12443, JJ12444 Intro 2 Download
JJ12448, JJ12449, JJ12450 Intro 6 Download
JJ12490, JJ12491, JJ12492 Intro 8 Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
KC Brand Video Download
KCP King Cock Plus Download
KCH King Cock Harnesses Download
KCS King Cock Squirting NA Download
KCT King Cock Tan Download
KCV King Cock Vibrating Download
KCVS King Cock Vibrating Stiffy Download
KCHSS King Cock Hollow Strap-On Suspender System Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
LR Brand Video Download
PD1159-11, PD1159-23 G Spot Mini Vibe Download
PD1161-11, PD1161-19 Silicone Petite Download
PD1162-11, PD1162-23 Slimline Download
PD1163-11, PD1163-23 Slimline G Download
PD1165-11, PD1165-12 3 Speed Bunny Download
PD1166-11, PD1166-12 Femme Download
PD1167-19, PD1167-34 Ribbed Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PDXE Brand Video Download
RD500 Vibrating Silicone Stimulator Download
RD501 EZ Grip Stroker Download
RD502 Sure Grip Silicone Stroker Download
RD503 Air-Tight Pussy Stroker Download
RD504 Air-Tight Oral Stroker Download
RD505 Air-Tight Anal Stroker Download
RD506 Mega Grip Anal Stroker Download
RD507 Deep Throat Vibrating Stroker Download
RD508 Double Penetration Vibrating Stroker Download
RD509 Cock Compressor Vibrating Stroker Download
RD510 Moto-Bator Download
RD511 Blowjob Power Pump Download
RD512 Vibrating Roto-Sucker Download
RD513 Vibrating Roto-Teazer Download
RD514 EZ Grip Stroker Download
RD515 EZ Grip Stroker Download
RD516 Tip Teazer Power Pump Download
RD517 Deluxe Mega-Bator Download
RD518 Ass-Gasm Explosion Kit Download
RD519 Ass-Gasm Extreme Vibrating Kit Download
RD521 Vibrating Pussy Stroker Download
RD522 Vibrating Anal Stroker Download
RD523 Vibrating Oral Stroker Download
RD524 Dirty Talk Starter Stroker Download
RD525 Vibrating Mega Milker Download
RD526 Talk Dirty Rotobator Download
RD527 Talk Back Super Stroker Download
RD528 Suck-N-Pump Stroker Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PDXD Brand Video Download
RD300 Hannah Harper Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD301 Agent 69 Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD302 Big Beautiful Becky Plus-Size Love Doll Download
RD303 Kneeling Nikki Doggie Style Love Doll Download
RD304 B.J. Betty Oral Sex Love Doll Download
RD305 Tyler Rocks Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD330 Miss Demeanor Transsexual Love Doll Download
RD331 Katie Cougar Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD332 Maria Sin Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD334 Reggie Pipes Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD335 Mona Mountains Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD361 Allie McSqueal Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD362 Brooke Le Hook Life-Size Love Doll Download
RD364 Varsity Vicky Life-Size Love Doll Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PDXDT PDX Dirty Talk Brand Video N/A
RD410 Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Download
RD411 Dirty Talk Interactive Bad Girl Download
RD412 Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Download
RD413 Dirty Talk Interactive Tittie Fuck Her Download
RD173, RD173-23 Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt Download
RD183, RD184 Hot Water Face Fucker Download
RD281-19, RD282-15, RD283-23 Tight Grip Masturbator Download
RD291, RD292, RD293 Mega Grip Vibrating Stroker Download
RD297, RD298, RD299 Mega-Bator Download
RD294, RD295, RD296 Rechargeable Roto-Bator Download
RD287 Roto-Bator Pussy Download
RD288 Roto-Bator Mouth Download
RD289 Roto-Bator Ass Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PW Brand Video Download
PD3294-23 Head Trainer Download
PD3296-23 Blow-N'-Grow Penis Pump Download
PD3297-23 Ultimate Head Job Vibrating Penis Pump Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
PA Brand Video Download
PD4951-11 Small Pink Download
PD4952-12 Small Purple Download
PD4953-14 Small Blue Download
PD4954-23 Small Black Download
PD4955-26 Small Silver Download
PD4956-27 Small Gold Download
PD4961-11 Medium Pink Download
PD4962-12 Medium Purple Download
PD4963-14 Medium Blue Download
PD4964-23 Medium Black Download
PD4965-26 Medium Silver Download
PD4966-27 Medium Gold Download
PD4971-11 Large Pink Download
PD4972-12 Large Purple Download
PD4973-14 Large Blue Download
PD4974-23 Large Black Download
PD4975-26 Large Silver Download
PD4976-27 Large Gold Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
W Brand Video Download
PD3037 Mega Massager Download

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Item # Product Vimeo URL Video File
WV Brand Video Download
PD1760-11 Total Ecstasy 2 Download
PD1761-11 Triple Ecstacy Thruster Download
PD1762-11 Trifecta Download
PD1763-11 Wiggler Download
PD1764-11 Thruster Download
PD1765-11 Rabbit Rocker Download
PD1766-11 Mega Bullet Download
PD1768-11 Wonder Wabbit Download
PD1769-11 Rabbit G Download
PD1771-11 G-Motion Download

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